Dear Friends,

Yes! We are getting closer. We are already on another track – Chametz-free!  Just a few reminders along with the holiday scheduling:

One should prepare the Charoses, salt water and Marror before the holiday begins. If you would like a Zroa, ‘shank bone’ for the Seder plate, you can contact Sima who will be glad to provide it for you.

Candle lighting time is 7:28pm. It is advised to leave a large candle burning to have available for candle lighting for Saturday night.

Mincha & Maariv will be held 7:30PM on Friday; 7:20 PM on Saturday; 7:35PM on Sunday.

Shacharit on Shabbat & Sunday is 9AM.

Candle lighting after Shabbat is after 8:31 PM

Saturday night, we begin counting the Omer. It can be found in the Artscroll Siddur page 282.

Chol Hamoed scheduling:

Shacharit Monday through Thursday is 7:00 AM;

Minchah & Maariv is 7:35 PM.

Thursday, April 25, the last days of Pesach begin, with candle lighting 7:31PM. Mincha & Maariv 7:35 PM

On Thursday, an Eruv Tavshilin is prepared. This allows for cooking with a pre-existing fire on Friday for Shabbat.

The Artscroll Siddur (p.654) has the text of the blessing and explanation.

Friday, April 26, Shacharit 9AM. Candle lighting 7:32PM. Yizkor candles are lit then as well from pre-existing flames.

Saturday, April 27, Shacharit 9AM, Yizkor 10:30 AM. Mincha 7:00 PM followed by Neilat Hachag Celebration. Havdalah 8:37PM.


Wishing you & yours Shabbat Shalom, A Happy & Kosher Passover – a beautiful Seder and meaningful holiday!

Rabbi & Sima Becker