Young Israel of Kendall is a center for the enrichment of Jewish life in South Dade. Our mission is to inspire and advance a deepened  appreciation  of  and  connection to Judaism by providing spiritual, educational and social opportunities for our diverse membership. We are an Orthodox synagogue with a warm and family atmosphere. We offer a wide variety of classes, youth programs and events.


         Important Message from Rabbi Becker on March 15, 2020:

           Until further notice services and classes at Young Israel of Kendall will be suspended

   Rabbi’s Message


  See the photos for Lag BaOmer 2020 under the sub-heading SPECIAL EVENTS


Journal Campaign 2020

This is the time of year that we would usually be preparing for our Journal Dinner. The gala is our biggest fundraiser of the year and the expected proceeds have already been accounted for in our 2020 budget. We all know that we cannot plan an event bringing everyone together physically. However, we are asking you to join us and help support our efforts. It is crucial that we receive the necessary funds now for us to be able to maintain what we have built, for us to address the current, changing, community needs and for us to prepare for our wonderful future together.

We have come this far thanks to the involvement of so many devoted, generous, and dedicated individuals and families. You have helped us to achieve our standing as a bastion of Torah in South Dade. Our directive has been to imbue within each of us a warm aura of spirituality. Many meaningful friendships have been fostered as everyone has felt the importance of their participation as essential to the building of our institution and growth of our Torah community. As you know, we have assembled a group of people at Young Israel of Kendall whose lives have been dramatically effected and improved by being part of our family. 

The current trials that we are facing, besides the physical health risks, include concern for the economic stability of families, companies, the country and the world. We are actively involved in bolstering tefillah/prayer and Torah study to increase our merits. Let us counter the stream of din/judgement with the spread of our chessed/lovingkindness. May we bring down a flow of mercy by our generous acts of tzedakah. Please join us in helping to turn the tide – now.

Contributions can be made online by clicking Journal Campaign 2020:

Click here:    Journal Campaign 2020

or by mailing a check to Young Israel of Kendall 7880 SW 112 Street, Miami, FL 33156, earmarked Journal Campaign.

With blessing and appreciation for your love and support.

Rabbi Hershel Becker   and   The Journal Committee




                       See the photos for Purim 2020 under the sub-heading SPECIAL EVENTS