Young Israel of Kendall is a center for the enrichment of Jewish life in South Dade. Our mission is to inspire and advance a deepened  appreciation  of  and  connection to Judaism by providing spiritual, educational and social opportunities for our diverse membership. We are an Orthodox synagogue with a warm and family atmosphere. We offer a wide variety of classes, youth programs and events.



Saturday, July 21
Fast begins 8:12 PM
Maariv 9:00 PM
followed by Eichah (Lamentations)

Sunday, July 22
Shacharis 8:30 AM
Tallis and Tefillin are not worn
Chatzos 1:28 PM
Mincha 7:40 PM
Tallis and Tefillin are worn
followed by Maariv
Fast Ends 8:48PM

Click on the following link for info on our Tisha B’Av program:

Tisha B’Av program on Sunday, July 21, 2018